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What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is made of titanium screw (standing and strong metal). Dental implant is inserted into the upper jaw or lower and used as a substitute for the large tooth root. The implant is used as an artificial tooth root that he can replace the structure serves as an alternative to the tooth, it is intended to restore a tooth and completing missing teeth. The implant also prevents bone loss of the jaws and helping to preserve the contours of the face. People suffering from severe heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking is not balanced and much alcohol needs, patients undergoing radiation and more likely to implant is not properly absorbed by. In these cases, your doctor will refer to tests that can help in decision making.
After the transplant, the patient waiting several months for proper healing of the implant area, then reveal the implant and rehabilitative part starts till the final stage of acceptance. In the event that the implant is stable once set in the jaw, you can complete the process and present i.e., Crown without loading.

4-6 All transplants on

"Immediate loading" method is based on the number of implants which can be up to 12 fixed bridge.

4-6 All transplants on angled implant

On the front of the JAWS is, naturally, a sufficient amount of relatively high quality. Thus utilized for fixation implants and strongly stable when they are inserted at an angle. The strongest of these implants can load the bridge can be made of porcelain or plastic.

Jaw implants

When the hope is lost and you cannot recover more, we turn to jaw transplant. Here there are several options that you can choose and what the purpose intended.

Two dental implants to a mouth full

When missing several teeth together it is possible to transplant the number of missing teeth as everyone's shachothrot joined as a bridge and as a single unit. While every missing tooth roots put the implant supports title but the title all tooth-attached. In this way it is possible to transplant a mouthful of several bridges. If necessary, perform the installation also implants bone augmentation to strengthen as much as possible the base supports implants and bit. Completion of such treatment can range from 72 hours up to 3 months.

A single graft transplantation

A single implant came to give a solution for a missing tooth is complete for any reason. The implant is going by itself without any handling or touching the teeth. The implant is inserted into the jawbone where the tooth was the core and then as possible (often immediately) loading structure and a Crown in full compliance with the missing tooth in mnshch and color.

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