Bone transplantation

As part of the physiological processes or the pathologists that our bone resorption occurs this process may decrease the thickness and height of the jawbone and difficult for fixation implants. The technique of guided bone augmentation is bone transplantation (or bone substitutes).

Bone building process
Using bone substitutes we create scaffolding and cover him in manifold (membrane), while incoming new vascular scaffold of cells which specialize to object. These cells are building new bone on bone substitutes account.

Types of bone substitutes

Autograft bone source myself – taken from elsewhere in the same patient, and in most cases a different area.

Human bone Allograft – source taken from another donor who underwent rigorous treatment and sterilization.

A Xenograft animal – in most cases actually comes from cows. The object undergoes a special treatment and sterilization to transplant in person.

Coral reefs-coral chips underwent a medical procedure.

Synthetic Alloplast source – it is produced in the lab and in most cases contain calcium and phosphorus they base materials of natural bone.

Most use was made in 2 and 3 (human or animal source). Mix some of the local object with the implanted material and by pouring the required amount.

Advanced techniques for building bone.