With the advancement in technology and the growing demand to the aesthetics of your teeth and smile design, developed the method for treatment of several dental aesthetic defects such as memorizing difficult spots, congenital defects of enamel and dentin, crooked teeth, request, closed fractures, dental and orthodontic treatments alternative often; This method is a ceramic coatings (laminate) or composite material.

The method uses the coatings are made from porcelain or composite material, covering the outer face of the tooth. Using this method you can change color, shape, and position of teeth.
The method is based on removing a layer of tooth and thin coating, allowing an improvement in colour and in the shape of various flaws in coverage.
The area is recommended for this type of treatment is the front teeth.

Using porcelain veneers – the benefits system

• Transparency of porcelain is very similar to natural tooth's transparency.
Allows overlay and hide defects in tooth enamel.
Does not weaken the tooth structure despite removing some material from it.
Point is maintained over time.
Abrasion resistance.
China is the ideal coating today, in terms of results in the short term and long term.

Using porcelain veneers – disadvantages of the method

Requires at least two visits to the dentist.

More expensive than coated composite material.

Dental coating composite material-method advantages

Can be performed immediately at the teeth.

Allows execution of immediate repairs.

Dental coating composite material – disadvantages of the method

Complex material still lacked transparency features typical natural linguist.
Sometimes there is a tendency of complex material to change color to darker due to the tendency of a substance to absorb him paint.