Oral rehabilitation

The field dealing with dental reconstruction to improve functioning and aesthetics at the highest level.
Like all physiological rehabilitation after an accident here too the mouth move some traumas (accident) and now we have to go slow, because of a toe. The process can vary from weeks to months and the patient returns to normal and can turn your teeth and mouth as he did in the past.
The aesthetic aspect as well, the process is slow and occurs in several phases and the relation between patient and physician, and must be very professional and is based on trust.

Rehabilitation is based on a clear and orderly which appear all treatments (sometimes of several specialists in the field) and dental laboratories, therapeutic level and correlated to medical requirements and recovery time of each stage.

There are two types of oral rehabilitation:

• Fixed based on crowns, bridges and implants.
• Mobile location based on completion of missing teeth and dentures can be removed and cleaned. The functional therapy on recovery of speech, eating, and more support, but with time the prosthesis is unstable and uncomfortable and even begins to interfere with speech (due to the palate). Therefore you should combine a number of implants used to anchor the prosthesis.

In summary, the mouth can be a single lot that requires structure and a Crown, through bridges to implants and prosthetics for a mouth full. The decision about the type of reconstruction is anatomic structure of the patient's age, level of damage due to trauma and financial considerations of course.