Dental implants

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What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is partially hollow screw made of titanium. Dental implant is inserted into the jaw bone and is used as a substitute for a missing tooth’s root. In fact, the implant is used as an artificial tooth root that can be replace. The structure allows the Assembly of it, as a substitute for the title.

In General, treatment with implants designed to complete missing teeth, though there are unique situations where using implants, such as orthodontic treatment helped volume during (dental alignment). Using dental implants for restoring missing teeth also prevents loss of the jawbone and helping to preserve the contours of the face, function and aesthetics. Among smokers, alcohol addicts and people suffering from related medical conditions such as diabetes, immunosuppression, etc, there is an increased risk that the implant is not properly absorbed by. In these cases, your physician will detail enquiry which may help in decision making.

In some cases, the transplant patient waiting several months for proper healing of the implant area. Then the implant and rehabilitative part starts to install permanent tooth or teeth. In the event that the implant is stable with the injection to the jaw and other conditions allow it, you can complete the installation process and temporary crowns without waiting; To perform an immediate burden.

A single graft transplantation

A single implant allows completion of a tooth is missing for any reason. The implant is going by itself without treatment or touching the teeth. The implant is inserted into the jawbone where was supposed to be the root of the tooth. Then, whenever possible (sometimes instantly), connect to it and a Crown that mimic the missing tooth; The size, shape and color.

Jaw implants

When you cannot recover more, we turn to jaw transplant. In this mode, there are several options that you can select. However, when missing several teeth together it is possible to transplant the number of missing teeth as everyone’s shachothrot joined as a bridge and as a single unit. In other words, instead of each missing tooth roots put tooth implant supports title but all the headlines — are connected. In this way you can implant full arch teeth a few crowns. If necessary, perform with the insertion of dental implants, bone grafting, too. So, in order to strengthen as much as possible the base supports.

Angle implants, All on four, All on 6

Naturally, in the front of the jaws bone quantity and quality is high. Therefore, you can instill 4 to 6 implants in these areas and to anchor them steady and strong jawbone, some shots at an angle. The strongest of these implants can be constructed built-up bridge, in most cases, 12 crowns.