All in one day

Often, we hear in the media about “all in one day” or “dental implants for immediate loading method. These terms refer to conceptual innovation in the world of dental implants, I managed to upgrade the lives of many patients. In the past, the dentist would perform the transplant and then had to wait three months to six months (or even longer) before you will be able to follow. Recent studies from recent years indicate that in some cases you can achieve similar results without the wait. Namely, forming structures and temporary crowns already on the day of the transplant, or a few days later.

After implants and temporary restoration (and then) but the statistics method in clinical trials indicates graft’s survivability rate of 97%, a year after treatment. This is the highest percentage of success, which attests to the effectiveness and credibility of the system.

Advantages of the method:

Eliminates the use of removable dentures while awaiting restoration.

Saves the patient a long process.

Eliminates the need to expose the implants through the gums after a few months (Yes, it’s a little more analysis).

Prevents potential infections.

Allow the patient to return to normal life.