Endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy is a procedure in dentistry, which is required when tooth decay that developed over time was able to move the tooth enamel, the dentin layer and came up to you.
Sometimes there is a need for a root canal after injury and/or damage (breakage) in which you are exposed and sensitive teeth and/or infection.

The treatment consists of regulations, eliminating cavities, eliminate you and root canal cleaning and filling with special tooth stimata.

Root treatment, and is intended to save a tooth displacement, lack of care may lead to expansion of the infection and the arrival to the jaw that tooth fixed. Chances of success in conducting high root treatments depend on the severity of the disease, tooth structure, health and healing ability.

Before endodontic treatment is required to perform an x-ray of your teeth, and sometimes required a special photography (panoramic photography), in order to diagnose the illness tooth.
Instructions after endodontic treatment:

After the temporary blockage in the title be sure not to eat until the passage of anesthesia.
And there may be pressure sensitive tooth pain while chewing. The pain usually passes after seven to ten days. After the dream patient and tooth area over the pain going to rehab and heading to aesthetic completion by understanding and a Crown.