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  1. The information contained in this site or any investment advice or a substitute for personal advice and considering the specific needs and personal data and the needs of the user. The information contained on this website does not instead and follow the advice, to make connections, actions and/or any transactions until after personal consultation by appropriate experts.
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  5. Any information that appears on this website does not constitute a recommendation to perform or not perform a move. The duty to consult before any action. Also, it is absolutely forbidden to publish in any part or many of the site's content, whether they are printed as text, a drawing or a report and they are provided as a file.
  6. The site operators do not undertake to update this information and there may be immediate changes or ongoing.
  7. The details, the information and/or data on this site, received, in part, from third parties – run businesses and trade, as well as other sites, site undertakes about correctness, reliability, completeness and/or the degree of accuracy.
  8. The site contains links to other sites, some of which are operated by third parties, do not track and its control over the information, particulars and data to those sites and do not interpret them as providing reference recommendation, or preference with regard to the information, contents and/or services and famous site and operators shall not be held responsible for the content that appears on these sites to use, or reliance on the information.
  9. The webmaster is not responsible for the content and directly or indirect consequences that may be caused to you or to any third party if you decide to act on the basis of content. The full and sole responsibility for actions and results on the user.
  10.  Can the site allows downloading software, the site is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by downloading the software, use and integration including "stickers" a virus, computer worms, Trojan horses and the like. Software usage requires purchasing/licensing by the owner of the software and view the website to use instead, agreement and license of the software.
  11. The site allows messages by visitors. The contents of the messages are the sole responsibility of missions and will not support any responsibility for. No cost and/or send to this site or through any material, information or details that are not illegal, immoral or irrelevant. The site may, but is not obligated, to prevent messages and to remove, in its sole discretion.
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  13. The site can run software accumulate information about user activity on the site for analysis and matching of the needs of a specific user and others and may transfer the information to any third party, the sole discretion and to provide effective service to information ethics.
  14. Actually your site and signed up to it, you agree that from time to time, send you marketing offer from the website whether it is relevant to the domains offered him or not.
  15. The webmaster reserves the right to change these terms from time to time without giving the notice.
  16. The site administrator may use the details you provide on the site and the information collected about the usage patterns, improve services, and/or e-mail contact.
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Harassment, spam and other illegal
The site object clearly and unequivocally to any type of harassment, spam and other illegal use of those measures. It is hereby agreed between the user and the website that any harassment or other abuse is used on the site will notify the user immediately so the webmaster through the contact us page. It also agreed that the site owner and managers will not be held liable for any illegal use of user or third person on site. The user undertakes not to have no claims, lawsuits or respond toward website owners and managers for noncommercial or harasses or another other user and/or third parties on the site. However undertakes, by law, to do all in his possession to prevent such cases.
Some of the services provided in the system require registration. During registration you will be required to provide personal information: your name, address, contact details and e-mail address. The data you provide upon registration will be saved in the database. You must by law to disclose the information but not submit won't be able to use the services provided. Please drive carefully in the delivery details and provide correct information only. When you register you will be asked to choose a user name and password. The user name and password used by you every time you use the system and services for the purposes of identification. Save the username and password confidential to prevent misuse them. Be sure to change your password frequently as possible, and in any case at least every three months.
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