Teeth alignment

Dental orthodontics or plane engaged in the research and treatment of defects relating to closing. This can result from unordered teeth, may match the jaws or a combination of the two.
Contrary to popular belief, orthodontics is completely and medical aesthetics – כ'מוצר designed effects in teeth alignment often constitute a health or rehabilitation purposes. When the teeth are straight, bulging or sunken may state the teeth and jaw occasionally to affect overall health and quality of life.

You must know that the teeth straightening treatment usually is not invasive, but in some cases there is need for surgical intervention such as pulling teeth or tooth exposing the mind imprisoned.

When to perform a plane?

Align teeth can be performed at any age. However it is recommended to move and treat teeth at a young age so that the treatment will be more ibex
Dental Association recommends an initial advance and check with an orthodontist at age 7 after memorizing the dairy replacement set from memorizing this time orthodntic intervention can prevent future problems such as:
Unconformity between the lower jaw to the upper jaw, causing dental habits hatch incorrectly (thumb sucking, mouth breathing, shoving your tongue etc)

The handling of documents/rectifiers (external) (those famous arches) is the most familiar and most effective. There are several sizes of metal rings and colorful rubber bands, you can add them to embellish them. Transparent document handling common in adults in rehabilitation process. They are made of plastic and metal rings for same, but over time they may azheb and an orthodontist takes care to replace them periodically.
Internal rings – are located on the inner side of the teeth are not visible. This type is popular mainly among adults who want to conceal.
Inbizlein – transparent plate made in accordance with the structure of the teeth of each patient personally, that there is no need to replace rubber bands every month like in handling documents.
Duration of treatment on average between alignment is 18-24 months, but for a different rate of treatment effect and different treatment. The frequency of meetings with an orthodontist is monthly.
At the end of the treatment the doctor facing a number of options to prevent movement of the teeth: fixation by the pasted on the inside of the removable plate have to ride for several hours during the day.

Ortodentis implants
Teeth straightening process based on using handles (dental health) which enabled click the teeth requiring repair and sliding. But as part of normal and natural side effect of the pressure effect on the teeth too then we need integrity docking points, these are the ortodentis implants. Besides the use of the word "dental", there is no reception at the common dental implants to fill out a missing tooth and are intended for use for many years. The ortodentis implants serve as docking points to teeth straightening system not treatable otherwise. Inserting the implants does not exceed normal treatment as we know the dentist: local anesthesia, a few minutes ' work, not even after the pain fade. We just have to get used to the new addition in this light sensitivity sometimes Pinot rather than an implant that goes into three days. Then used the ortodentis implants new docking points to continue aligning the teeth until the result expected. The use of these implants in recent years has become increasingly common in the ability to determine at the beginning of the docking point therapy more effective than the existing natural teeth in my mouth. This allows also manipulation and time alignment results, faster. As shmustis treatment remove the implants and the alignment process is ended.

Adult teeth alignment
Even adults sometimes need to straighten teeth. Unlike young people all the bones with them still in the developmental process, in adults the system fixed and grows longer. Very old age has a tendency to go teeth and may create congestion in front of the mouth. The resulting difficulty in aligning the teeth in older versus younger we demonstrate the deep feeling between to try to turn the wheel of the car when compared to the ease of parking bsyavov the wheel. Therefore, treatment with the same problem that exists among young and old can be modified and be based on another approach. Since the duration of therapy for an adult is too long the need for providing a solution for comfort and aesthetics and therefore most using align or transparent. The align system the internal tightness of the teeth inside of the mouth and therefore not visible. These ' Angels ' to cubes, and we know so well from youth through the process of alignment, taped this time on the inner side of the teeth and the wire goes where. The patient can smile freely and almost not possible to notice that the person is. To enhance the aesthetic that Bayshore is adult teeth developed straight lines (those outside tooth paste) made from transparent plastic or porcelain or ivory shade.

Jaw widening
Sometimes a narrow maxilla more than the lower jaw or aheich high, narrow and non conformance between the jaws she determines the treatment. As the sooner to address the problem (in terms of age) higher effectiveness with fewer side effects. Treatment succeeds when it begins to appear between the two upper front teeth. The treatment of this space closes by itself.