Teeth whitening

In recent years the subject of teeth whitening caught acceleration. Since some teeth an important part of communication between people, the tooth has great importance because it affects the overall look. In addition, aesthetic dentistry and health conscious person to health and a good impression.
Teeth whitening cosmetic action that causes tooth clearing. The treatment involves anesthesia or pain and, if true, is not hurting tooth. Before scaling and disposal must be performed to ensure that there is gingivitis and caries.

The various treatments that do not grant permanent results and renewed periodically, depending on the patient. In addition, if there are tooth-colored restorations in the mouth, it is important to understand that they will not change color over the Moon, and may therefore have to be replaced at the end of the process.

Teeth whitening clinic

Teeth whitening is done at the clinic by dentist. The procedure is performed using concentrated brightening gel of mshopal by light. This method is suitable for treated who want to follow the Moon once dental clinic.

The advantage of this system is quickly gaining the desired result; You can tell the difference immediately.
The lack of this method is that the treatment is suitable for patients with sensitive animals teeth and/or gums.

Home teeth whitening

The recommended method of clarification and common teeth whitening, performed at the patient and.
The customer receives transparent database still personally tailored bows. In addition, he receives the syringes containing whitening gel-shaped material. Place the racks with the clarification of the teeth in the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer (the material), and the results look like for about two weeks. The treatment lasts usually between two weeks to a month.

The advantage of this system is the gentleness and the outline effect, and the results saved for a long time.

The lack of this method is that you can see the change in tooth color after only two weeks.