Periodontal diseases

Periodontal disease are a major cause of tooth loss in adults often if done early diagnosis can treat gum disease successfully and save big expenditure.

Periodontal disease is a disease that develops a chronic bacterial infection or genetics. The affected area is where her landing around the tooth to jaw. Old age is therefore the dominant factor for tooth loss.

There are several types of gingival inflammation and infections:

ג'ינג'יביטיס GINGIVITIS – the easier the disease and is characterized by bleeding, swelling and redness, local

Chronic CONDITIONS AS CHRONIC PERIODOTITIS priodontitis – the shape later, chronic and that hurt the docking system, i.e. the withdrawal of bone and bone loss. E. Genii will lead necessarily to priodontitis.

Periodontal abscess – PERIODONTAL ABSCESS

Local infection festering in the gums around the tooth Pocket tissue or tooth bifurcation (splitting between the root of the tooth). The contamination could ruin the handle mechanism. The identification marks are Puffy, smooth, stretched and shiny gums. Sometimes very painful and sometimes accompanied by a purulent taste due to the affair. The area is susceptible to knocking resulting dental displacement due to weak grip jaw and bone loss.

Integrated pollution and periodontitis PERIO-ENDO LESION –

The structure of our teeth the jaw bone to tooth header consists of different layers, hard object to you soft, sensitive tooth through nerve cells. The development of inflammation in one of the above points can spread and expand to next point touches. So when a situation arises from the combination of infected areas is necessary to combine a root canal and treating periodontal disease.

GINGIVAL RECESSION receding gums –

Gum recession periodontal disease stems, or brushing too hard and hurt the delicate gums. Initially determined increasing sensitivity to heat/cold in the area retreated and it seems longer due to so-called middleware receding gums. The damage is also a quality of life and aesthetic level.

When we suspect that self-construct gingivitis, mouth we have to handle it immediately and to postpone the visit to the dentist to prevent worsening of the disease.
Treating the pollutants discharged by a dental hygienist or gums. After the treatment the patient receives an exact explanation how to maintain dental hygiene to safeguard the achievements of the treatment and prevention of return of inflammation.