Repair broken implants and tapping

The implant breaks? We have a solution! 

Dental implants in recent years has become increasingly, and what was once an innovative and advanced treatment became a routine treatment and widespread.
However, required precision and predictability of future problems, as well as professionalism and expertise in the field – both doctor and doctor regenerates could ruin everything. The widespread use of dental implants brings also the need to maintain them strictly and to address the problems caused by them.

One of the known issues, she planted (or bolt the structure). This can happen from the enormous pressure exerted on teeth during chewing or sleeping, outdoor trauma or incorrect installation of the implant or Crown.
Sometimes the implant causing damage in tissues that support docking to the jawbone.

Treating broken implants and screws is a unique skill in itself.

Our knowledgeable doctors and rich experience in the field.

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