Bone augmentation

One of the things that can endanger the health of our teeth is periodontal disease. Brushing your teeth come irregularly using FLOSS allows for tooth to Fleck. From here the short distance from gum disease.
This process causes the loss of dental tissue that supports and thus begins the process of receding gums and bone. The withdrawal can be local or widespread.

The plaques around the teeth allows bacteria to attack the bone and tooth tissue fibers. The result of this bacteria attack is a kind of ' space ' between the tooth to the bone called priodonti Pocket (actually the tooth-shaped Pocket support). In such a situation there is a need for a thorough dental cleaning and also the surrounding tissue. Neglect of the situation get safely to the bone and tooth loss.

Bone augmentation (Tissue/bone regeneration guided), allowing the bone therapy or supportive tissue to regrow around the tooth (or implants) in relatively short period of time.
Similar treatment can also be followed in case of a lost tooth. New growth of the area allow the installation of implants.
In preparation for such treatment be Tartar cleaning patient in order to create an environment of good hygiene. This is a good time to change the habits of oral hygiene during and after treatment.
The treatment itself reveal the bone around the tooth by separating the gums, clean the area thoroughly and remove contaminated tissue. After cleaning the artificial bone chips pocket and cover with flap (membrane) based on Collagen fibers. This membrane allows the bone to grow without the gum disorder.
At the end of the membrane to absorb grew tooth and supported drafting better gum health, and a covering above.

At this time maintaining oral hygiene is critical and must take care of her throughout the day.