Dental sealant/slots

Sealing treatment slots designed especially for children and adolescents.

Brushing your teeth and using dental floss are resolved to maintain good oral hygiene and dental health, but sometimes not enough – there are massive places the toothbrush cannot reach or they are too thick to penetrate inside and clean.

Also the natural process of ' Rock ' mouth flow insufficient to clear the plaque bacteria and penetrating them. The treatment the best developed and very big success is the sealant to molars children.

The process of sealing the deals mainly in molars, generating close to the teeth when the teeth erupt with nozzles and deep grooves that do not allow cleaning of tooth surfaces. As shallow tooth slots and/or wider so dropping the need for sealing.
The accumulation of food residue in these deep grooves can encourage tooth decay.

The sealing process

After the doctor cleans the tooth surfaces carefully is a liquid substance, zliff has good flow and low viscosity to enter to the notches and cover hermetically sealed the chewing surface. The key material by lighting and the difficult process helps natural tooth paste. The seal is kept for several years but once the good doctor and iatum again if necessary. In the case of sealing for adults costs necessary when eating habits or part of a natural mouth like disabilities lack sufficient saliva quantity (dry mouth), history of dental caries.