Sinus lift

Sinuses are cavities located to the sides of the nose are above the upper jaw teeth loss in the root of the mouth is accompanied by bone resorption.
As a result may start chewing forces towards the sinus spaces jaw sizes (pnaomtizatia). In these cases we mean sinus opens the sinus and bone substitutes is added to create a new object had the implants.
All the treatments are done under local anesthesia and under antibiotic coverage.

Types of sinus

Open sinus:

The doctor opens the sidebar over key object into the sinus cavity, looked up the sinus membrane and inserts beneath bone substitutes and closes the opening using a membrane face Rejuvenator. If there is actually enough space below the sinus implants can be placed immediately, if a small amount of bone implant the implants after about six months.

Closed sinus:

The doctor makes a graft preparation through the middle of the ridge and pushed out the sinus membrane upward and inserted the right way bone substitutes then inserts the implant into place.

Closed sinus by using:

The doctor makes a graft preparation through the middle of the ridge and pushed out the sinus membrane using inflated balloon upward and inserted through the bone substitutes immediately then introduced the implant into place.

Limitations after sinus lift:

After a brief observation on the clinic you can return to a normal agenda, except for the following restrictions:
• In the days after the procedure there may be pain, swelling and slight bleeding. These should pass after a few days. It is necessary to continue with the antibiotic coverage by the physician and can use painkillers.
• Avoid where possible and no desserts continues, can cause bone substitute host for move.
• To maintain oral hygiene and taking the best medication to reduce the risk of infections.
• It is recommended to keep a non-diet and is not hard.
• Smoking delays the healing process and if possible should be stopped, or at least greatly reduces it.
• After a week to 10 days to review and return to stitches.
• If a transfer not included inserting the implants, they will be inserted several months after sinus lift procedure.