About the clinic

Dental clinic owned by Dr. Ali promovitz is the center of medical transplants since 1988.
The practice regrets flag excellence, professionalism and innovation in all areas and particularly dental surgery dental: dental implants, and sinus complex dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Dr. Ali promovitz is one of the best doctors in the world dental implants. In addition developed patents and technologies and contributed significantly to the field of dental.
Today is the practice of advanced transplant center in the world thanks to the know-how accumulated in 25 years of operations and the use of advanced technologies. This combination puts us at the forefront of modern dentistry.
Some of the most advanced solutions and services provided by the clinic are treatments using enabling technologies swelling and pains which take less time to heal.
In addition, our Office is a source of knowledge and expertise and also serves as a Center for training doctors from all over the country and the world.
The medical staff and administration among the world carefully selected to ensure quality of care and gives patients professional care and personal attention.

For the convenience of our customers who come to the clinic treatment allocated garage parking attached to the clinic.

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