Instructions after dental implantation

Immediately after the procedure:

Bite down gently but firmly on the gauze packs that have been placed over the surgical areas, making sure they remain in place. Do not change them for the first hour unless the bleeding is not controlled. The packs may be gently removed after one hour. If active bleeding persists, place enough new gauze to obtain pressure over the surgical site for another 30 minutes. The gauze may then be changed as necessary (typically every 30 to 45 minutes). It is best to moisten the gauze with tap water and loosely fluff for more comfortable positioning.

Avoid eating and drinking about 3-2 hours after treatment. If the need to take a pill or medicine can take the medicine with A small amount of water. Since the blood clot created the implantation site is unstable, eating or drinking immediately after implantation Teeth can impair blood clotting.

After  surgical treatment refrigerant the face with ice.