Mandibular joint – TMJ solutions

With more than 50% of the population there are disturbances in chewing.

Many factors can interrupt the system to operate correctly: poorly feeding systems (congenital or acquired), trauma, harmful habits (e.g. grinding teeth), various infections and rarely – tumors.
Out of the population suffering from these disorders only about 7% need to treat the problem. The relevant permit themselves to spy devices can continue to chew efficiently and actually found a solution to the problem.

According to studies, the chewing function directly affected mental (depression, anxiety, stress). Most cases reveals the dentist during a routine, but only shaprah required treatment prevents proper functioning and chewing. Complaints of pain in the temple area or the cheek as we open your mouth for chewing can be a sign of stress in chewing. A possible treatment might be heating the area hurts to loosen muscles, and more difficult problem can be treated with drugs contrary pain and inflammation and muscle relaxant.

Dental erosion

When dental erosion seen or tightening (directional effects on sleep and not intentional), provide patient-dentist “night splint – custom plastic cover accurately, and creates a separation between the teeth in upper and lower jaw.
Witness the night in addition to halt dental erosion is the ability of the chewing muscles to stay relaxed during sleep.
In severe cases, the patient referred to making photographs with the source of the problem and, if necessary, he would be referred to a surgeon and maxillofacial.