The structure, built in part came to complete a big deficiency in damaged tooth. The building sits on a tooth after root canal treatment to which it is connected and fixed.

By structure

This is the most encountered it at the dentist. After the treatment, when the title is too broad you can do this by Finn and material recovery.
The advantage of this method is treating one encounter at the clinic.

Cast structure

The building is cast in the lab, when the recovery of very extensive title. The doctor takes as it moves into the dental lab. When the building is ready cash to visit the clinic for pasting. This type of structure is made of metal, how zirconia crowns and gold. Another consideration of the doctor is placing the tooth in your mouth, its role and intensifying the pressure increase when chewing. If importance and priority to the strength of the cast structure is the right solution for him.
The advantage of this method is that strength made one.

In summary

Since the buildings stand in front of the chewing is a very hard material and elasticity could crack your tooth root of the forces exerted on it, so the doctor adjusts the proper metal with the corresponding elasticity to the appropriate place of the tooth in the mouth. The old elastic titanium metal like natural tooth and therefore use the back teeth that are designed primarily for chewing. The front teeth came in also causes one of the aesthetic materials with elasticity adjusts with coloring design option (natural tooth shade) is.
Choosing the right materials to the right place the mouth using a long time utilization structure and ceiling.