Dental implants or dentures?

Dental implants or dentures?

Time and again the question arises, what? To perform dental implants? Settle for dentures? This decision depends on economic factors, health status, etc.

1. Costs 

This is unequivocally false cheap solutionFake cheap cost significantly (acrylic) degrees, this process also requires train dental rehabilitation structure built on top of them and therefore, in most cases, a single implant prosthesis cost the same (no matter how many teeth is complete).

2. The length of treatment. 

It was customary to think that making dentures much faster than the train, because implants that implants have a waiting period of 3-6 months between the railway to implant the Crown above the train vs prosthesis performed about three weeks.

But today, the new implant systems, there is no waiting period, you can put crowns immediately at the time of the transplant, so that one day can be implants.

3. Comfort 

Dentures teeth significantly less natural comfort. The prosthesis is an artificial device that tends to move during eating or speaking and thus hurting the quality of life. However, implants imitating natural teeth’s status and provide a sense of natural teeth and comfort is Max.

4. Adaptation

The adaptation period to dentures is long and could get even a few months, because the hatotvat press the gums and mouth ulcers. In short adaptation time, implants, because they are exactly where the natural teeth which allows very short adaptation period within only a few days.

5. Complications 

The surgical action hooks and thus often accompanied by stitches and mild pain which can last several days and falsie installation does not require any intervention and therefore a lower percentage of complications.

6. Gil 


It was customary to think prosthesis is the province of elderly people and because of their action is likely to complicate them medically, but not so, what matters is not the age but the only medical condition. In terms of dental implants-you can now assemble implants also treated over 90 without worry, since swift action and not too invasive.

7. Medical condition

Fake execution is so rorgit action can be performed per cure regardless of medical condition. Even implants can also in most cases apart from extreme conditions like diabetes not balanced, hard sell, osteoporosis and more.

8. Long-term effect

The implants provide a permanent solution for long periods of time, even if after several years is a problem, you can come back again on the process. False damage gums.

Beat and even if after several years is a problem, you can come back again on the process. False damage gums.

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