Medical Tourism in Israel

Medical Tourism in Israel

Does medical tourism actually saves us money and if so how much? How do I get a top quality treatment? And why Israel? Here we will try to answer most questions.

Dental implant is partially hollow screw made of titanium and metal that is affixed to the jawbone; a false tooth is attached to the rod above the gumline. A single implant may replace a missing tooth or a bridge. Multiple implants can replace removable dentures, either partially or in fulll.

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If you need only one implant, you won’t save money traveling, but you may choose to do so anyway. Some global patients have established satisfactory relationships with out-of-country dentists and wouldn’t dream of having their dental work done elsewhere. Others take a “might-as-well-as” approach to dental care: if they plan to visit a country for business or pleasure, “why not” save a little money on dental care at the same time? If, however, you need a bridge as well as additional dental work, you may find substantial savings in Israel

If a large number of implants are anticipated, cost savings become an important consideration. A single implant costs, for example in the United States and Russia reach approximately $ 2500 in average. however the single implant cost in Israel is about $ 1500 on average -an important consideration to economic efficiency and quality and professionalism.

Accommodation and culture-in Tel Aviv:


Shuttle services

For your convenience, shuttle services from the hotel to the clinic and back.

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