Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are also called third molar teeth, these sets are usually between the ages of 17 to 25. In many wisdom teeth growing correctly or may not grow at all. The problem is created when left to the teeth get a place to grow, in this case in the way that is sinking and optimum as defined in chon is imprisoned, this condition can lead to Periodontal pockets and cavities adjacent teeth due to lack of cleanliness in the area.

Wisdom tooth half locked up.

Wisdom teeth can hatch, this is when the tooth develops, but fails to hatch completely through the gums. In such a situation may develop decay realized, but since she's hidden from sight we don't feel in the development of tooth decay and can cause damage to the jawbone. Also periodontal infections around the hatching place are almost inseparable phenomenon in half your trapped and this causes bullying and sometimes toothache.
One of the solutions to this situation, extracting wisdom teeth impacted half.

Periodic surveillance without treatment

No dental infection or problematic and there is no need to distance them from the jaw. Periodic treatment allows to track changes, if any, and to forestall any chance of a change in status.

Removing wisdom teeth

In the event of pain or clicking Close teeth (dental jacking) or dental dentist absorption in collaboration with the patient would recommend removing wisdom teeth.