Gingivitis in children

Sometimes we tend to think "in children." Well when it comes to teeth what's good for adults too, keeping kids brushing teeth and oral hygiene is the basis for maintaining healthy teeth and periodontal infections. quite common children and treat them quickly.

Neglect of such infection in children is worse damage and as the child gets older. Thus ensuring and maintaining brushing and using dental floss should be important values that parents give to their children to keep the property.
In children who already have lhoriham ' history of periodontal infections requires attention to be focused.

Sometimes we as parents don't care enough importance to developing children's teeth and seriously worthy of our children's milk teeth. Milk teeth damage may affect permanent teeth should grow at a later age.

What are the causes of gingivitis in children

• Eating foods rich in sugar, drinking sugary drinks
• Poor oral hygiene.
• Genetic (hereditary)

How to identify a child for gingivitis

• Bad breath
• Bleeding
• Redness and swelling gums.
• Receding gums

How does the infection?

• Periodic visits a dentist
• A thorough brushing by parents
• Mouthwash (alcohol-free)